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Plant a tree with Essentialiese

Plant a Tree

Growing up, I had an awareness of how important it was to care for our natural environment and was keen to share this with others. From taking part in a sponsored walk for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to collecting empty crisp packets at school, I knew that I wanted to help improve the environment from an early age.


In more recent years, I have developed a better understanding of the issues around our natural environment and climate change through watching various documentaries and films. It has always been important to me that in some way I can give back to nature, helping projects that were creating new woodlands and forest areas.


I knew, when starting Essentialiese in 2017, that I wanted to create as less an impact as possible on the environment. By using minimal, recyclable packaging for all my products, sourcing ethical suppliers and materials, and keeping my products vegan and cruelty-free, I am proud to say that this is the ethos of my small business and enables me to play my part in helping towards a better natural world.


I am really pleased to support the National Forest by pledging to donate 5% of every sale to this wonderful initiative. The National Forest is one of the most ambitious regeneration projects in the UK. Covering 200 square miles of the Midlands, nearly 9 million trees have been planted to create mixed habitat forest, huge green lungs that have breathed life into a landscape and transformed communities and lives. Check out their amazing work at

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